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Wireless Credit Card Terminal
Wireless credit card terminals are used to process credit card transactions over the air, rather than using a traditional telephone wired terminal. EMV credit card technology requires the user to enter a four digit pin code into the terminal at the point of sale-this can be difficult if the point of sale is located outside of a checkout stand. The benefits of wireless credit card terminals can be seen at restaurants, bars and other "non-checkout" point of sales.

It can often be inappropriate to ask a customer to leave their table to complete payment for their dinner, so a wireless credit card terminal can be used at the table. The customer enters their four digit pin and the wireless credit card terminal sends this data back to the base station, which will in turn send the data to the credit card merchant. A receipt can even be printed off at the wireless credit card terminal. The device can often be more expensive than traditional credit card equipment, but may offer many advantages over the fixed credit card terminal systems. Customers may be impressed by a wireless credit card terminal and not having to leave their table to complete a transaction. At some points of sale, customers would be annoyed at being asked to leave their conversation to complete the sale.

A wireless credit card terminal is an essential piece of equipment for any restaurant that plans to use the EMV security standard. The wireless credit card terminals could also come in handy for businesses that deal with drive-thru orders, or other remote points of sale.

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