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Why And How To Accept Credit Cards
If you own a business of any kind, you have a basic choice, either accept credit cards as payment for your goods and/or services or turn away business. Many consumers insist on paying for their purchases with credit cards, and if your business does not offer these consumers this option, it's very likely a similar business in the area, one that does accept credit cards, will be the beneficiary.

The one down side of accepting credit cards, the transaction fee you will need to pay to the credit card company, when all things are considered, is not much of a down side. You will normally pay the credit card company between 2.5 and 5.5 percent of the total purchase. When you balance that against the advantages of not having to worry about "bounced" checks, forged currency, or a complex collection process, and not having the worries (and dangers) associated with an excess amount of cash in your till, accepting credit cards sounds like a much more attractive way to go.

Getting your business set up to accept credit cards is a fairly painless process; the main thing you must do is apply for "merchant status" with the credit card issuers.

An application for merchant status is similar to applying for a loan. Any company that issues or processes credit cards will want to make sure that your business is stable, because if you make credit card sales and then don't deliver the merchandise or services, the credit card company will be financially liable for refunds (charge backs) to the consumers. For this reason, not every business will be immediately approved to accept credit cards, and some may only be approved with some form of security deposit arrangement in place.

American Express and Discover credit cards issue their own credit cards, so you will need to apply directly to those two companies individually.

Go to: to get the details for accepting American Express Credit Cards.

Go to: to get the details for accepting the Discover Card.

Visa and MasterCard are issued by banking institutions. To begin accepting these cards, you must either establish a merchant account at a bank (the bank where your business does its banking is a good start), or as an alternative, you can set up a merchant account with one of the many independent credit card processing companies (search online for "credit card processors").

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