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What Sort of Merchant Service Should I Use for my Website?
More and more companies are choosing to invest time and money in their online presence as the importance of Internet sales continues to grow. If you've decided to beef up your business website, or get online for the first time, there is a wide range of merchant services available to help you accept payments from customers for goods and services. It's more important than ever to have a professional website that offers customers the option of secure online payment, and to achieve this you will need to use a merchant service to process the payments.

When you're moving towards setting up a fully-fledged online business, the first thing you need to think about is whether you should use a third party merchant service or open your own merchant account. A third party merchant service such as PayPal or CCBill will process payments from your website quickly and safely, and customers have the peace of mind of knowing that they can trust these well-known and established providers of merchant services.

A merchant service such as PayPal has the advantage of costing nothing to set up and being easy to use, allowing you to set up a secure payment portal from your website without the need for specialist technical knowledge. On the other hand, merchant service providers make their money from commissions on each transaction that comes through your site, and while these may be quite reasonable, the costs can still add up, particularly if your business begins to make significant sales online.

Many banks also offer a merchant service, and for the serious online business this may be a better bet in the long run. In this system, you set up a merchant account with a bank, and process credit card payments yourself. This has the advantage that you can keep your costs relatively low. These types of merchant service are safe to use and can help give your website a professional aspect.

Whichever type of merchant service you choose - your own merchant account or a third party merchant service - it is worth investing some time and effort to make sure that you get it right. For many customers, your website will be the first and often the only part of your business they encounter, and trillions of dollars are now spent on online purchases, the vast bulk of which is paid by credit card.

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