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What Are Credit Card Terminals?
If you are opening up a business, then you likely want to have the ability to take credit card payments. These days, almost nobody carries cash, and checks are used to pay bills only. Credit cards and more specifically debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo on them are almost the standard when it comes to consumer payments.

What this means to you as a new merchant is that you are going to have to invest in credit card terminals. Credit card terminals are small machines that allow you or the customer to swipe their card and pay for items. These credit card terminals come in all shapes and sizes with a varying array of functions to them.

The two basic types of credit card terminals would be the ones that have a printer built in, and those that do not. If you are using an older cash register system that does not have its own printer or doesn't have the ability to print a credit card receipt, then you should likely go with credit card terminals that have a built-in printer. If you do this, your customer will have a physical receipt of their credit card purchase with their signature, which most like.

If you are using a POS (Point of Sale) system that can print out its own credit card receipts, then you can go with credit card terminals that do not have a built-in printer. They are a little cheaper and are less cumbersome, because you don't have to worry about buying extra paper, ink, or any other issues.

But, before you rush out to buy your credit card terminals, you must also have an agreement with a service. This is usually called a merchant account. With a merchant account, you will be able to accept card payments through your credit card terminals. Without a merchant account, your credit card terminals are pretty much useless.

The top companies to get a merchant account from in the world include some names you may be familiar with: Verifone, Hypercom, Lipman (Nurit), Ingenico, and Eclipse. A merchant account from any one of these companies will allow you to process payments using your credit card terminals. There are monthly usage fees and usually individual transaction fees as well, which will be disclosed to you before you agree to the contract. Once you do agree to the contract, you will be well on your way to the convenience that your new customers will demand by allowing you to accept credit card terminal payments.

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