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Steps to Getting a Master Card Merchant Account
If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to offer your customers lots of options. This means more than just giving them a lot of options in terms of merchandise they can buy. In fact, one of the biggest options you can offer your customers is in terms of payment. Though most places will take cash and checks for purchase, you will do much better if you also allow credit card payments for merchandise.

In order to process Visa or Master Card payments, you must have a Visa or Master Card merchant account. A Master Card merchant account gives you the ability to accept not only credit card payment, but also debit card payments from customers whose cards have a Master Card logo on it. Since these types of cards are gaining in popularity, it is essential to the growth of your business that you be able to accept them. That is why getting a Master Card merchant account is a must for any business owner, no matter how small or large your operation is.

Acquiring a Master Card merchant account is actually quite easy. There are several different companies that can issue you a Master Card merchant account. In the US, the most popular are Verifone and Hypercom. You may have heard their names, as the logos for these companies are often on the credit card terminals (the machines that allow you to swipe your card for payment).

Each of the companies that can give you a Master Card merchant account will have an information form to fill out in order to approve you. There are fees involved-sometimes monthly maintenance fees and other times individual surcharges on each transaction. Once you agree to these and are approved, you officially have a Master Card merchant account.

As soon as your Master Card merchant account is approved, you can choose what kind of equipment (terminals) you need. As soon as these are hooked up and are communicating properly with Verifone or whatever company you choose for your Master Card merchant account, you can now accept credit cards for payment.

Having the convenience of being able to pay with a credit or debit card for your customers is a huge plus in the retail and sales industries. Without it, you may lose business. Since getting a Master Card merchant account is so easy, there is almost no excuse for not offering your customers the option of paying with a credit card.

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