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Merchant Account Rates & Fees

type/price Rate Transaction Fee Monthly Fee Gateway Fees
Retail (Card Swipe) 1.09% $0.19 $9.95 N/A
Mail / Phone order 1.99% $0.19 $9.95 N/A
Internet 1.99% $0.19 $9.95 $9.95 Plus
$0.10 / Trans.
High Risk Merchant Starting at 2.49% $0.25 $10.00 N/A

Business owners from any industry in our current world today uses credit card as an ultimate form for payment transactions. Without it, business owners suffer much loss from sales. But, that’s not the basic reason why anyone from the business industry fail to thrive rather, the increase rates billed to you by your chosen merchant account providers. Low merchant rates can help save you from excessive cost spend from every credit card transactions. Always be aware of hidden fees. Only sign up for credit card merchant account whose processing companies have lesser rates like Merchant Account Provider. A lot of processing companies take advantage of business owners since they knew how important a credit card in related to their day-to-day business transactions. With the use of Merchant Account Provider, you are well treated; you are billed at a low rate and provided better services.
Retail / Restaurant
Free Credit Machine!
1.09% Plus $0.19 per
No Application Fee
& No set up fee
Mail/ Phone/ Internet Merchant
Free Gateway!
1.99% Plus $0.19 per transaction
No Application Fee & No set up fee
ACH & Check
Accept check without risk
Check conversation
& Guarantee
ACH & Check over the phone/internet
I phone & Mobile Processing Solution
Free do downlable Application
Finger signature
Credit card swiper available
High Risk/Bad Credit Merchant
Adult, Telemarketing, Travel &MLM & More
Low credit score & No credit accepted!
99% approval rates
Merchant Cash
5k-200k advance for your business!
No Closing costs
No Collateral