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From Blogger to Online Merchant
Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon. In the past few years millions of people around the world have found an outlet to share their thoughts and express them in an unthreatening way. From the safety of the keyboard on the computer people preach, ponder or persuade. They also interact with others, communicating in incisive ways that can become addictive. The passions cause the bloggers to return frequently to write, and to read others posts. The traffic on these blog sites has, of course drawn the attention of merchants.

Some of the merchants began to offer to pay bloggers for the right to place ads along side the posts the bloggers made on the blog sites. If a visitor was attracted to the message of the merchant enough to click on the ad, the blogger would receive payment for the click. These pay per click ads were intended to attract prospective customers from the readers of the blog. When a blog was being provided free to the blogger, the host of the blog web site would get a share of the pay per click fee paid by the merchant. The host would most often make the ads assigned to a blog correspond in some way connect to the content of the blog. That would give the merchant a chance to appeal to those who were drawn to a particular topic that was associated with their product.

Many readers of blogs were not clicking on the ads posted along side the blog content. So merchants soon realized that links made from within the content of a blog stood a better chance to be read and actually followed to the product site. Merchants began to offer bloggers a set fee for a link anchored in the text of a particular post. Usually the merchants have other stipulations, such as the number of days a post must remain up and the specific key word or words to be used as the link text.

Another development in this process is that merchants have come to prefer blogs that are part of an individual blogger's own web domain over those that are part of a community of bloggers that are hosted, especially those that are offered to the blogger at no charge. That is causing more bloggers to obtain their own domains. When they do that, they want to maximize the chance to make money with the site. So they not only create a blog page, they also find products and services to sell. Thus the evolution from blogger to merchant is complete.

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