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How To Increase Business Sales By Using A Merchant Account
If you own a business that accepts a credit card as a method of payment for the products or services you offer, you are aware of the continuing need for a safe and secure way by which to conduct these transactions. This has become even more important as Internet sales have continued to increase for many businesses across the globe. Setting up a merchant account can help you optimize the way you do business, while increasing sales in the process.

In August 2004, the "Nilson Report" stated that over 90% of all online transactions were completed either by debit or credit cards, a statistic that has only continued to rise over the past few years. Whether your establishment is home-based, retail, or an Internet business, setting up a merchant account is quick and easy. In fact, doing so has never been more convenient.

There is a wide variety of options available that will help you easily meet your needs and fit your budget. Now you will be able to set up a merchant account for free, with no application fee and competitive rates for an array of business types. This includes: mail, retail, fax, phone, and, of course, Internet and wireless businesses. Because some companies may charge you absorbent costs to set up such an account, it pays to shop around for the best rates and features so you will ultimately get the most out of your money. Here are some things to look for when beginning your search.

Since some companies offer account setup that is free of charge, you might consider that option first. After conducting your research, make a list of features and benefits you will need for your business, then compare them with what each company offers. Since most companies offering free sign-up accommodate a wide range of features, you may not have difficulty finding one that will have what you need.

For faster service, try to find a company that allows you to sign up online. Again, many of these companies offer a free application, so finding one shouldn't be a problem. Some of these companies also offer a free shopping cart system, which will be especially important if you conduct most or all your business online.

Another useful feature is free recurring billing software setup and free online setup for ACH check processing. Again, the more business that is conducted over the Internet, the more important these features may be, and by having them, the more money you may save in the long run.

Also, be sure to check the company's customer support options, as some offer free help desk service 24 hours a day. This can be especially useful for Internet businesses where transactions could take place at any time of the day or night. It could also prove to be another selling point for your customers.

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