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Finding A Free Merchant Account
It can now be safely said that the days of paying exorbitant prices for a merchant account are now over. In the past, obtaining a merchant account was almost impossible for the small or home business owner who had little or no startup capital. Furthermore, the main option available was to approach a bank, which mostly preferred to deal with larger companies. These days, people can now get a free merchant account. The primary benefit of obtaining a free merchant account is that it allows you to obtain credit card payments from your clients at no cost or risk to yourself. Though some of the free merchant account services may not have the same full range of features as some of the other providers, most of them are able to provide fairly comprehensive merchant account solutions. The fact also is that some of the world's best-known financial brand names are now involved with providing free merchant accounts. Thus, the chances of choosing the wrong merchant account or getting scammed is significantly decreased.

The most popular free merchant account providers make their money through the processing of the transactions themselves. For example, there are some that charge clients a small fee for withdrawing money from their online merchant account. The fee also covers the costs involved in processing a bank fund transfer to the merchant's bank account. The advantages of obtaining a free merchant account include: no start-up fees, free software, no credit check required, no monthly fees, the ability to accept international payments and currencies, and merchants can begin accepting credit card payments within minutes of sending in an application. The advantages of a free merchant account cannot be overemphasized for a new business. It could mean the difference between business success and failure.

The main disadvantage of obtaining a free merchant account is the fact that the more sales you make, the more you pay in bank transfer fees. In any case, getting a free merchant account is definitely a good idea for a startup company. In the longer run though, a merchant would have to switch to a paying e-commerce merchant account. This is because, though you will pay a lump sum setup fee, it would be more cost-effective since you will pay less per sale. As with getting any other type of merchant account, prospective merchants need to do their homework when looking for a free merchant account.


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