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Credit Card Equipment

Various types of credit card equipment can be used at the Point of Sale to offer payment using a card. Set-ups of credit card equipment can vary and can include different devices based on different budgets. No matter what your budget or needs, there is credit card equipment to match!

For lower budgets, the only piece of equipment required may be a manual credit card imprinter; used to take a copy of the credit card number and details. More advanced credit card equipment can include an EMV card reader. Capable of conforming to the newest forms of credit card security, EMV is a world standard for credit card security, requiring users to enter a four-digit pin code into the credit card reader at the point of sale. Most modern credit card equipment is capable of working with EMV standards, but you may wish to research this in advance. A standard set of credit card equipment, suitable for use with EMV, will include a small keypad and card reader. The card is read via a small chip, rather than the traditional method of reading the magnetic strip.

More advanced pieces of credit card equipment can include wireless EMV credit card readers. These devices are the perfect kind of credit card equipment for use in restaurants, bars, or other venues where it is inappropriate to ask the customer to move to complete payment. Wireless EMV readers include a base station which will connect to the credit card merchant, sending any information to the wireless terminal. This piece of credit card equipment is useful, although more expensive than other methods of completing card transactions.