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  • User Friendly, easy to use program.

  • Solution for automated processing of Internet merchants.

  • ACH/Electronic checks feature-transfer funds from customer's checking account directly to merchant's bank account and replaces the need to accept checks.

  • Handles recurring monthly payments from credit cards or checking accounts.

  • SSL security

  • Reporting capabilities accessible via the Internet.

  • More sales on the Internet through acceptance of credit cards Worldwide.

  • Authorize transaction within 5 seconds and emails customers' order to merchants for fulfillment.
  • Encourages impulse buying on the Internet.

  • Converts your web site from a electronic brochure to a virtual storefront without the addition of a clerk.

  • Merchants can sell on-line services and offer immediate product Downloads i.e.. Authorize.Net, Books, Video and viewing material.

  • Merchants processing site can be setup to have the same look and feel as their site.

Virtual Terminal/Batch Upload

The secure Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload features enable merchants to process credit card and/or eCheck.Net® transactions manually. Authorize.Net merchants access the Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload features through the Web-based Merchant Interface. Transactions are immediately submitted for authorization and processing each day.

Virtual Terminal – Virtual Terminal provides the best solution for merchants who manually enter credit card and electronic check transactions for mail order/telephone order (MOTO) sales.

Batch Upload – Submitting multiple transactions in a single file is an efficient way to upload credit card and electronic check transaction data from enterprise applications or other file-based systems.

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