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About Us
In 1997, MerchantAccountProviders started its service through providing credit card processing solutions to companies from various industries.

Merchant Account Providers offers quality services and as a result it became one of the finest Merchant Account Providers in the country. We offers advance technology to our customers and merchants who continuously trust us and in return we are determined to offer our commitments through a provision of unlimited assistance from our specialist. Furthermore, our 24/7 customer service and technical support are designed to meet your daily crisis and offers intervention to any dispute.

We offer assistance or advice for the best possible processing option intended for your business. Moreover, at a very affordable rate, we extend our services to aid you set-up fast and in no time you would be out accepting credit cards. Our customers claim they saved hundreds to thousands of dollars because of our low-priced processing fee each year. One of our objectives is to offer the best and convenient way to generate sales through the use of our low-cost merchant processing services.

Also, we could offer merchant account service provider for your various type of point of sale for your local store, restaurant, Internet, phone to mail order business.

We ensure that each problem solve through the use of our free professional technical support and customers service which is open 24/7. Certainly, through the use of our affordable credit card, debit and EBT card processing can boost your sales and increases your chance to earn huge incomes.